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We believe in the future, we believe in the world of 3d printers and their professionalism. We realize the right one for you.


The 3D printing process is the evolution of 2D printing. The object created is not more than a set of stacked layers, such as printed sheets were so many, except that while an ordinary printer uses ink, the 3d printers use plastics. The plastic is drawn from a coil, then heated to melting temperature and casting with extreme precision from a nozzle. A range of engines allows the nozzle movement along the X and Y axes until the plan is not complete; after the plane drops, allowing the nozzle to create a new plan on the previous.
The precision to be obtained can be chosen, from a minimum to a maximum of 0,3mm 0,1mm, obviously this choice affects the duration of the object's creation. You can create objects of high complexity; impossible to create with other industrial processes in one step, also the 3d printing greatly lowers costs for the realization of the prototypes.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci
  • Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. Rachel Zoe
  • It´s very easy be different, but very difficult to be better. Jonathan Ive

Our 3D Printers

  • PLASTAPrint3D V1
  • Stampante 3d plastaprint
  • 20x20x47cm with linear guides
  • 1550.00
  • (IVA included)
  • Details
  • PLASTAPrint3D L
  • Stampante 3d plastaprint L
  • 30x30x45cm with linear guides
  • 2350.00
  • (IVA included)
turbina stampata layer 0.2 pla plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
turbina layer 0.2

componente meccanico pla plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
Giunto layer 0.2

prototipo stampato layer 0.2 pla plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
Prototipo layer 0.2

tirafilo per stampante 3d in pla layer 0.2 plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
Tirafilo layer 0.2

attacchi in pla layer 0.2 plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
Attacchi layer 0.2

coperchio in pla layer 0.2 plastaprint

Plastaprint3D v1
Coperchio layer 0.2


With modern 3D printers you can create objects and prototypes from a simple file created with CAD software. The advantage of these printers is to "stratify" the melted plastic objects made also of high complexity, impossible with laser printers or cut with the cutter. In addition the printing process does not need molds/negative breaking down the production costs of the prototype. Anyone can create an object; send us the STL file for us to create the basis of your requirements. It can create any object from the cover of 'iPhone to the model of a house, from an engine model to a shoe model.


Are You in again in this world? Come to our shop, We will be at your service to explain the functioning and let you admire a 3D Printer works.

Printers realization

Elettronica 3D realizes robust 3D Printers suitable for students, makers and professionists. Our printers are equipped with heatbed (heated surface) to print the ABS.

Consumables sales

Elettronica 3D has a wide range of printable materials (ABS, PET, PLA, NYLON and much more); You can find them all in our online shop or directly in the store.

Components sales

Buy replacement parts, hardware and everything you need directly from our online shop or in the store.

Prints on demand

Have you need to see the result of your object in 3D? Send it to us directly in .STL format via email and we let you know the cost and the processing time.


Have problems with your 3D Printer? Come and visit us in store or let us know by phone, we will repair it as new !

At your service

Our services are aimed at engineering companies, designers, architects, jewelers,
model, promoter, artisans, artists, students, but especially to anyone who wants to develop
a project or an object without knowing how to do, or anyone who wants to learn and immerse yourself in this world.
We will find the best solution together with the highest quality.
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